My Story

MAde with love

Experienced in the restaurant industry and holding the position of kitchen manager at a popular Calgary pub/restaurant. I have brought my skills to Feed Me to deliver healthy and delicious meals to the university community.

Micheal Kashmirian

Our Vision

MAde with love

To provide healthy and affordable dishes inspired by regional delicacies from around the world. As well as to help students and anyone living off-campus live a more full, active and delicious life.

Thank You

Our Partners

We would not be here without our amazing partners, namely the local farmers, bakers and fishermen that we rely on for top quality produce. Below is a list of our partners with contact details:
Windy View Farms Ltd. (902)-765-3572
Riverview Herbs (902)-261-2109
Noggins Corner Farm Market (902)-542-5515
Goldwater Seafoods (902)-455-0959